Adele Tonnini Former Prime Minister of San Marino / Member of Parliament at San Marino
Akio Mimura Honorary Chairman of Nippon Steel Corporation
Alan Lowenthal Former U.S. Representative for California (Democratic) / Former California State Senator
Aleida Guevara March Daughter of Che Guevara / Pediatric Allergologist
Aleksander Kwaśniewski Former President at the Republic of Poland
Alexandra Shannon The Head of Corporate Strategic Development of CAA
Ali Izadi Head of Asia-Pacific in BloombergNEF
Allen Sides CEO of Ocean Way Recording Studio
Allison Hooker Senior Vice President of American Global Strategies (AGS)
Ameya Prabhu President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Andrei Lankov Professor of Liberal Arts University in Kookmin University / Director at NK news
Andrew Kim Former Assistant Director of CIA
Andrew Levin Former U.S. Representative for Michigan (Democrat) / Former Chief Workforce Officer of Michigan
Andrew Okaikoi Founder of Gravitas World Limited
Andrew Yeo Senior Fellow and the SK-Korea Foundation Chair at Brookings Institution’s Center for Asia Policy Studies
Andrii Nikolaienko Member of Parliament in Ukraine
Antara Haldar Professor of Empirical Legal Studies, University of Cambridge / Columnist, Project Syndicate
Anthony Kim Editor of the Index of Economic Freedom in Heritage Foundation
Areen Shahbari Faculty, Harvard Extension School & Professional & Executive Development, Harvard University
Ashish Goyal Global Macro Investor / Young Global Leader Nominee of World Economic Forum