Aaron Kleiman Harvard MPA / Lieutenant Colonel of US Airforce
Adam Malaty-Uhr Columbia EdD Doctorate Scholar, Harvard Ed.M / Founder of Growing at Work
Adelle Richards VP of Leadership Circle Asia Pacific Region
Ahn Hoyoung Former Korean Ambassador to the United States
Ahn Jaemyung Professor at KAIST
Aiboshi Koichi Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
Akiva Tor Israeli Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
Alex Yagoda Partner at Future Positive
Alexandra Burbey Investor at G Squared
Allen Sides CEO of Ocean Way Audio
Ami Valdemoro Harvard MPP / CEO of Three Points Ventures
Amy Jo Smith President & CEO of DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group
Andre S. Yoon CEO & Co-founder of MakinaRocks
Andrea Downing President of PBS Distribution
Andrew Yeo Senior fellow and the SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies at Brookings Institution’s Center for East Asia Policy Studies
Andrii Nikolaienko Member of Parliament of Ukraine
Andy Rivkin Investigation Lead for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission
Anirudh Suri Founding Partner at India Internet Fund
Anju Abrol Head at ING Wholesale Banking Asia Pacific
Ankit Panda Stanton Senior Fellow of Nuclear Policy Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace